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Welcome To Chinnaraje.com 3 Wheel Technology Leader CHINNARAJE  COMPANY  LIMITED. Chiang Mai: 470/2 Super-Hiway  Chiang Mai – Lamphang  Rd., Muang,  Chiang Mai 50000 Bangkok: Please contact us:E-mail:chinnaraje@gmail.com Tel: +66 82077 1730 Home  :  TukTuk’s  :  Oversea Dealer  :  Parts Of Sale  :  Shipping Info  :  About Us  :  Contact Us Copyright  ©  2011 www.chinnaraje.com All Rights Reserved.   Powered By Freethailand.com The tuk tuk “Minibus” is a new model.  It is an exclusive tuk tuk, you can use it as private vehicle.   The frame of this......... The Tuk Tuk “Party” (Sabai Sabai) are design especially in driving system and a motorized vehicle which can carry up to 6-9 passengers.  It is fitted with the......... “Party”  Tuk Tuk We are looking for (exclusive) dealers in: Spain , Italy , United Kingdom , Germany , Belgium, Etc. Oversea Dealer For  Europe  and USA markets www.chinnaraje.com