Copyright  ©  2011 All Rights Reserved.   Powered By ETT6-Executive ETT6_Smile Smile , Party , Executive Tuk Tuk Electric Tuk Tuk  a multipurpose  electric   can  put is suitable for the resort  and hotel ,  hospital, factory  and   transported  safety  use with its  maximum 6-9  seats. This smile  smile  tuk  tuk is  driven  with  48  Volt  DC series wound 5.7 hp. Centainly  it  is  very economical  sine  ETT-6  can  drive as  far as  70 km.  per  each  charge  6 Hrs. Maximum  speed  is  55-60  km/h. This is environmental – friendly vehicle which never  causes  any  air  and  noise  pollution; certainly  it  saves  energy  due to  high , easy  maintenance , high  safety  with  lighting  system allows  you to  use it  ant  night time.
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