3 Wheel Technology Leader Company Name:  Chinnaraje Co., Ltd. Head Office:                      45/95 Moo 9 Borromrachachonnanee Rd.,                                            Tha-wee Wattana  Bangkok10170 (Thailand) Tel:                                    +66 2888 8398-99  Fax:                          +66 2888 7828 Chiang Mai branch:   470/2 Super Highway Chiangmai-Lampang Road, Nong pakrung, Muang, Chiangmai 50000 Thailand  Tel/Fax: +66 5330  5100      E-mail address:   info@chinnaraje.com, chinnaraje@gmail.com Web site:         www.Chinnaraje.com Established since:           January 14, 2002 Registered Investment:    Baht 1,000,000.00 Products:          Tuk Tuk (3 wheels) King  Size Model: S   - 660 SC - 660 SF - 660               SFD - 660               S 9-660   Tuk  Tuk ( 3 wheels ) Standard  Size Model: SS -  660_Pick Up SSC - 660_Delivery Van           SS3  - 660_Taxi SSR -  660_Garbage SS 6  - 660_Party SS 6  -  660_Smile Smile SS 6  - 660_Excutive SS6 - 660_Minibus   New   Products: Electric  Tuk  Tuk Model:  ETT – 1   Lanna ETT  -  3_Modern Taxi                 ETT  -  6_Party , Smile Smile , Excusive , Minibus    Golf  Car Model:  Golfer   2S Golfer   2S + Rear  Seats Golfer   2S + Pick  Up Golfer   2S + Van  Box Golfer   4S Golfer   4S + Pick  Up Golfer   4S + Rear  Seats Golfer   6S Classic    Tuk Tuk Model: Midjet1962 Shuttle  Bus for 2 Seats Model: School  Bus Chinnaraje  Co.,Ltd.  is involved in the production of vehicles powered by electricity  using the most advanced electrical engineering and technology.  Through Thai initiative and intelligence organizations, enterprises and the public as well as foreign markets,  The company is confident of winning acceptance As a top manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles are vehicles which are powered by An electric motor to replace gasoline fueled engines.  They have been designed and built by using the very latest electrical engineering and technological advancements,  and can help protect the environment in the following ways: 1. Reduce emissions by  99.8%  to improve the quality of air cities. 2. Reduce the earth’s temperature as they help to alleviate the greenhouse effect ( by reduction emissions that destroy the ozone layer). 3. Reduce the cost of power consumption as electricity is between 25-50% cheaper than fossil fuels. 4. Reduce running costs as electric vehicles require less maintenance and are cheaper to repair as these are no thrusting parts like in gasoline burning engines. 5. Batteries that power the electric vehicles can be recycled. Management  Team Vice President: Mr. Somboon Sinviros Product Development  Director:      Mr. Nathakorn Siridejdamrong Financial  Controller: Mr. Rapassananth Amornthaninpong      Marketing  Consultant:     Ms. Rapassananth Amornthaninpong  Accounting  Manager:      Mrs. Naphapat Varitphattarachai Purchasing  Manager:                  Mr. Phatsin Chotvichien Exporting  Director:         Ms. Jim Rajachakul Sale  Manager(Domestic): Ms. Sutreerat Bumrongsub Designer:                          Mr. Nathakorn Siridejdamrong                                           Mr. Phadungsak Pongkhamdang Engineering  Consultant: Mr. Duangdi Saenrak Engineering  Manager:     Mr. Santi  Konklong Electronic  Engineering Manager  Mr. Natthaporn Khamhan Asst. Engineering  Manager       Mr. Sombut  Saka Copyright  ©  2011 www.chinnaraje.com All Rights Reserved.   Powered By Freethailand.com Home  :  TukTuk’s  :  Oversea Dealer  :  Parts Of Sale  :  Shipping Info  :  About Us  :  Contact Us Welcome To Chinnaraje.com CHINNARAJE  COMPANY  LIMITED. Chiang Mai: 470/2 Super-Hiway  Chiang Mai – Lamphang  Rd., Muang,  Chiang Mai 50000 Bangkok: Please contact us: chinnaraje@gmail.com / Tel: +66 82077 1730