3 Wheel Technology Leader The Electric Tuk tuk  “Modern Style” is design especially in driving system, with high efficiency electrical drive system.  The Electric tuk tuk “Modern  Style” have clean driving power, without any pollution, saving environment, for comfortable and with more features for your convenience , easy for maintenance, just charge the battery and check the battery acid level.  It’s more space for driver, without engine, heat and noise. It is driven with high capacity motor of 48 Volt DC series wound  4.7 hp the car can drive as far as 70 Km. per charge  (6 hrs.) While it’s maximum speed is 50-60 Km. /hrs.                                               **This price excluded the special optional, the transportation charge, the registration fee (only Thailand), VAT 7% and the exporting document (For export) ** DownLoad  Specification Copyright  ©  2011 www.chinnaraje.com All Rights Reserved.   Powered By Freethailand.com Home  :  TukTuk’s  :  Oversea Dealer  :  Parts Of Sale  :  Shipping Info  :  About Us  :  Contact Us Welcome To Chinnaraje.com CHINNARAJE  COMPANY  LIMITED. Chiang Mai: 470/2 Super-Hiway  Chiang Mai – Lamphang  Rd., Muang,  Chiang Mai 50000 Bangkok: Please contact us: chinnaraje@gmail.com / Tel: +66 82077 1730